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    TypeLib import  

Create new empty GUI application now. Save the project as ComClientWithEvents.dpr and its main form as fmComClient.pas. The next step is to generate typelibrary import file and register it in components palette.

Run the Project|Import Type Library dialog and search for ComServiceWithEvents Library there. Note that "ComServiceWithEvents Library" is the previous example's typelibrary name.

Change the Unit dir name to the example's directory and turn on the Generate Component Wrapper checkbox. Press Create Unit button now. Open the unit and save it is ComServiceWithEvents_Import.pas, i.e. change _TLB at the end to the _Import. We do so to avoid conflicts with original _TLB file from the provious example.

The typelibrary impoprt unit contains a component definition. This unit should be registered in the components palette to make the component available for further use. Run the Component|Install component dialog:

Browse for ComServiceWithEvents_Import.pas unit and press OK button. The DclUsr package will appear. Click Install button to compile and install it. Now you can see the new components on ActiveX palette page is available. We'll use this component on the next step to implement service connection.


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