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    Simple service with COM Events support  

This example shows how to implement support of COM events in the SvCom-based service application. The service application itself is considered below while the client application is described in the next example.

The Service with COM Events support is an effective way to implement bi-directional connection between service application and GUI front-end. The regular COM server application can process calls from single or multiple clients but it can not access client without its explicit request. The service with COM events support allows clients to register their callback interfaces so clients can be notified when server needs to do it.

This example includes the following steps:

  1. Creation of new SvCom service application. This step it is exactly the same as the step 1 of "Simple NT Service" example. Save your project as ComServiceWithEvents.dpr
  2. Adding new service module. This step adds a service module with COM support to the sample application.
  3. Creation of COM Object with singletone factory and events support.
  4. Implementation of COM Object methods
  5. Client application impelmentation

Use links below to download source code of this example as well as example's binary. Please note that corresponding version of Delphi should be installed to run this example.

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