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    COM-object creation  

The COM-object of this example will have two important features. First of all we'll generate the singletone factory for it. We do it to allow one instance of the object to be created only. This single instance will handle all client requests and it will broadcast service events to all clients if ncessary.

The second feature is the event-supporting code to be generated. This code will allow clients to register their callback interfaces. It is these interfaces will be used by server to communicate with clients.

Do the following to create a new COM-object with features mentioned above. Open the File | New dialog and run the "Automation Object in Service" wizard from SvCom tab. Select options as shown below

Press OK - the new unit with COM-object implementation will be created. Save it as clsComObjectWithEvents.pas

Now take a look on project's typelibrary:

As you can see there are on co-class and two interfaces - one is a regular interface and the second one is a dispinterface. It is this second dispinterface will be used later in the example as a client's callback. Note that while this interface is declared by server it is the client is responcible for implementation of this interface.

The next step to be done is to add properties and methods to interfaces. Let's continue...


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